5 Great Water Filters for Backpacking Trips

If you’re out in the Great Outdoors™ on a backpacking trip and you find that you don’t have ample water supplies with you, even with a large and roomy backpack, you may benefit from having some top-quality water filters that can purify nature’s essence for safe consumption. After all, you really should stay hydrated as often as possible, or you never know when the sun might experience a supernova and start drying out all of the lakes and ponds of the earth while turning you into a walking prune.

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4 Great Pieces of Backpacking Gear for Your Next Trip

Backpacking can require a lot of different types of gear to make your trip the optimum experience. When you’re out in the wilderness with nothing but the bare necessities and your sanity (or insanity), you may want some of the luxuries of first-world civilization with you on your trip as well.

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