The Best Hiking Backpacks for Backpacking

So, you want to backpack. The first thing you’ll need to backpack is, in fact, a backpack. Otherwise it’s just called walking. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran looking for a new backpack, it can be kind of daunting to find that perfect piece of back gear to accompany you on your trip.

Ideally, you’ll want a hiking backpack that’s light enough to keep your back from slouching forward and transforming you into Golem, but one that’s also sturdy enough to hold everything you need without leaving you stranded on a cliffside with all of your food and gear lying a hundred feet below in a creek for the fish to fail to appreciate.

There are many different hiking backpacks that can cover all of your bases, but here are a few solid choices on Amazon that are worth the purchase.

The Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack

Venture Pal lightweight backpack for hiking and travelingThis lightweight Venture Pal backpack is a certifiable beast, and as I write this it’s on sale for $20.99 on orders of $25 or more, which is under a third of the original price! It’s available in plenty of colors including blue, red, yellow, grey, orange, purple, sky blue, and fuchsia. Whatever you want the big-ass hump on your back to look like, this backpack can make that vision a reality.

As the product page advertises, the Venture Pal backpack is durable, made of high-quality material that can resist tearing and water damage. It’s also notably lightweight despite being strong enough to hold all of your stuff without blowing up like an ape that ate a bomb. The double-layer bottom only adds to that strength and makes it convenient for operating on any side.

It’s also really comfortable, apparently, with “breathable mesh” shoulder straps and sponge padding, both of which keep your shoulders from feeling like your angry dad is clamping down on the nerves near your neck with his thick fingers after you’ve upset him. (That hurts like hell!)

Its multiple compartments also make it easy to keep all of your stuff organized. The main compartment has 35 liters of space so you can just stuff 35 liters of water in there for a massive drinking source (be careful of water poisoning), or anything else that can take up that kind of ample space. Front pockets are also great for holding accessories such as a life-saving EpiPen or that suicide-inducing photo of your ex-girlfriend that you want to look at for some reason when you’re sitting alone on a rock watching the sun set over the wilderness, causing you to sob inconsolably.

Did I mention that this backpack is lightweight? Well, that’s no lie, as it’s a soft 0.7 lbs, and it’s compact enough to fit pretty much anywhere by simply folding it into its inner pocket.

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

TETON hiking backpackThis TETON Sports Scout 3400 backpack is another stellar option for the beginner or seasoned professional backpacker. This one’s a little pricier than the Venture Pal at $59.65, but it’s a good deal given what you get. It’s a high-quality backpack that continues to be one of Amazon’s top sellers, so we know it hasn’t caused any deaths.

It’s an excellent option for people new to backpacking or just want something for a quick trip, as its compact size makes it ideal for 2-4 day adventures, whether you’re hiking along the Appalachian Trail or taking a brief journey through one of Dante’s 9 circles of Hell. It also comes in several interesting color options, including the Hunter Green one seen here, along with Coyote Tan and Mecca Orange.

It’s known for its quality, and it includes a large sleeping bag compartment, multi-directional compression straps for easy carrying, and many other compartments and pockets for storing all of those random trinkets you’ll offer the forest gnomes in exchange for not turning you into a pile of leaves, which happened to two of my best friends last summer.

The limited lifetime warranty makes this thing a great purchase as well, so if it comes alive and tries to murder your family while cackling like a hyena (which I’m 99.7% sure won’t happen), you don’t have to be stuck with it like that.

Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop hiking backpackStill thinking of another option for your next big or microscopic trip? Consider this Mountaintop 40-liter hiking backpack, which is great for outdoor camping and perfectly affordable at $31.99. This thing includes 40 liters, so including a giant tank of nothing but water or gasoline won’t be a problem.

Other features apart from the space include:

  • 6 adjustable straps for tying up the pack or hanging other items such as mats, sleeping bags, hammocks, and tripods
  • Front zipper access that goes across the entirety of the main compartment
  • “Outstanding” padding, including strong and thick shoulder straps and a hip belt, 2 long padded areas on the back for additional cushy comfort and better air circulation across the back to prevent overheating and eventual shutdown
  • Multiple pockets for convenient storage all over
  • 90-day limited warranty, so again, if it becomes sentient and tries to eat you and your loved ones, you’ll be covered

These are some of the best hiking backpacks you’ll find to make your backpacking experience great, but I’ll definitely feature some more great selections in future posts. This is far from the end of the Great Backpacking Experience of 2018. I’ll be back to include a variety of great hiking and camping backpacks in addition to many other types of backpacking gear. Whether you want to go backpacking to escape the perils of reality or to simply take in the beauties and perils of nature, this is only the beginning of the great journey.

Stay tuned for more updates that include some top-tier backpack recommendations from Backpackers Anonymous Blog.

To learn EXACTLY about what all to bring on your backpacking journey in addition to the most obvious item for which this activity is named, check out our essential backpacking guide.

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