4 Great Pieces of Backpacking Gear for Your Next Trip

Backpacking can require a lot of different types of gear to make your trip the optimum experience. When you’re out in the wilderness with nothing but the bare necessities and your sanity (or insanity), you may want some of the luxuries of first-world civilization with you on your trip as well.

Here are five awesome backpacking gear options I found on Amazon to make your next backpacking trip an even greater time.

1. Wise Owl Outfitters Fitness Towels

Wise Owl Outfitters fitness towelSay you’re out in the middle of a forest and you suddenly get the urge to practice some yoga or other fitness exercises because walking just doesn’t cut it anymore. What better way to spruce things up with this Wise Owl Outfitters fitness towel? I mean, it even includes a free bonus hand towel to keep those sweaty palms at bay! They’re only $13.99 right now with free shipping on orders over $35, with a normal price of $24.99.

First of all, this thing is made of extremely soft, absorbent, and fast-drying material. As Wise Owl Outfitters claims, these microfiber towels are as smooth as a “baby’s butt,” if you’ve ever wanted to use the latter to absorb your sweat. They can soak up anything, apparently, possibly including large amounts of blood if you’re into some shady business. They also dry fast so you don’t have to shout at them to motivate them to stop being wet.

They come in two sizes, large and XL, and you get a free 12″ x 12″ hand towel with the large and a 12″ x 24″ towel with the XL. You also get a handy bag to carry both towels, making them easy to transport down a nature trail or a hallway full of ninjas that you have to fight to reach that temple at the end where you can finally practice your peaceful yoga.

They’re easy to hang up anywhere with a convenient snap loop, and you can use them for pretty much anything, including fitness activities, hiking, boating, swimming, the gym, the beach, or at the top of a mountainside monastery as you contemplate existence itself while resting on them.

Should anything go wrong with this towel, such as an instance where it morphs into an old Ford Pinto that you didn’t want (not that this is likely), you’re good because of a 100% money back guarantee. Choose from many color options, too.

2. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel / Camping Pillows

Trekology ultralight inflating pillow for travel and campingComplement those great towels on your backpacking trip with a couple of Trekology ultralight inflating pillows. It’s only $29.99, but you can get it on sale for $14.99 with free shipping on orders over $35.

They’re extremely compact, with the ability to fold into the size of “less than a soda can” at a mere 5″ x 2″ while weighing only 2.75 oz, making them easy to carry in your hiking backpack on your travels. Just remember that you can’t drink a pillow like soda, no matter how hard you try.

It’s got a great ergonomic design for maximum comfort and neck support when sleeping, and inflates to a wealthy 16″ x 12″ x 4″ for some great back support, too.

These inflatable pillows are made of strong, elastic, water-resistant TPU fabric for maximum comfort and strength, so if you ever wake up in your tent and want to take out your aggressions because of a recently botched relationship or lost food supplies, this can be a decent punching bag (not really).

They’re also easy to inflate and deflate with a simple twist opening for inflation and a bottom valve for deflation, much like how our digestive tract works. Because of its slip-resistant nature, you also never need to worry about it slipping away from your head and taking off to some unknown hideout in Canada where it can live out the rest of its days in solitude.

It also comes with a money back guarantee in case it ever sprouts arms and legs and decides it’s too evolved for your head.

3. Bisgear 12/16-Piece Camping Cooking Set

Bisgear 12/16 pcs camping cooking setSure, you could go all out on your backpacking trip and hunt for food with a spear, and eat over a primitive campfire like your ancestors wouldn’t want you to do, now that you have access to proper cooking utensils and store-bought meat. But why do that when you can make outdoor cooking easier with this Bisgear 12/16 pcs camping cookware set? It’s normally $59.99, but you can get it for $25.99 and free shipping on orders over $35.

This massive set comes with high-quality and easy-to-clean supplies, and is easy to carry in a mesh bag to make it easier to travel down the magical forest to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Wilderness Cooking Seminar, which takes place in the North Dakota witches’ coven. (Just be careful not to anger the witches there or they’ll turn you into pigeons for Ramsay to eat—his favorite meal.)

The entire set includes:

  • A folding stainless steel spork/spoon
  • Spork
  • Spoon
  • Folding knife
  • Mini stove with Piezo ignition
  • Anodized aluminum nonstick pot
  • Nonstick frying pan
  • Pan cover
  • 2 BPA-free bowls
  • BPA-free soup spoon
  • Rice ladle
  • Loofah sponge
  • Carabiner
  • Nylon bag

Use it for camping, hiking, backpacking (obviously), pleasant picnics, and many other activities. It’s perfect if you want to pretend you’re Anthony Bourdain while taking a trip in the middle of nowhere without a TV crew to show off to.

Of course, there’s also a 100% money-back guarantee for this set if all of the tools fuse together into a giant cooking robot that climbs up a tree and refuses to come down.

4. LE Headlamp Helmet Light

LE Headlamp LED headlight for camping, hiking, and readingIt’s never safe to go out backpacking at night if you’re miles away from civilization. What if you run into Big Foot or one of those giant tree monsters that have night vision and steal and collect people’s pants in their stump notches, only to meet up later and brag about their collections while their hapless victims are left wondering what just happened?

Regardless of what perils could come in the night, you’re better off being able to see clearly with this battery-powered LE Headlamp headlight. Even if you just want to read a book without the convenience of a nearby lamp, this is a good ‘un.

For $18.99 (or $7.99 and free shipping on orders over $35), you get a great LED helmet lamp that can fit snugly on your head to provide sufficient lighting in any dark environment. It includes four lighting modes, including three levels of white light brightness and a red flashing mode if you want to pretend you’re a blinking one-eyed terminator.

It’s also lightweight and adjustable, weighing only 2.85 oz with an elastic headband that makes it easy to fit. It’s waterproof with an IP44 rating, too, so if you encounter the Montana Water Demon at night and he splashes you with torrents of horribly stagnant lake water, you don’t have to worry about being unable to see.

It also includes a free bonus of three AAA alkaline batteries for added convenience.

With one or more of these reliable pieces of backpacking gear to take along with you on your trip, you can make your backpacking experience better than anyone else’s. You can even label it the Greatest Backpacking Experience Ever and show up in your neighborhood at the end, carrying your Wise Owl Outfitters fitness towels, Bisgear cooking set, and Trekology ultralight cooking set, all while donning your LE headlamp, and prance up and down the street declaring your backpacking experience to be the best that anyone will ever have until the cops arrive, responding to a noise complaint. Even then you can explain to the cops about the glory of your backpacking adventure and they may express their envy and be on their way.

Look out for more updates on great backpacking gear in the future from the Backpackers Anonymous Blog.

To learn EXACTLY about what all to bring on your backpacking journey in addition to these items, check out our complete backpacking gear guide.

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