5 Invaluable Tips for Backpacking in India

A few weeks ago I came back from a backpacking trip in India. It was a majestic adventure that was full of mind-opening experiences that really made me appreciate the backpacking experience unlike any other. My trip to Rio last month culminated in me encountering an inter-dimensional alien race called the Criskotonianites, who told me via digital forearm mouths that the Earth is one of 23 planets that they owned, and that our planet is second to last in their ranking system, only ahead of Grimlorh, which is a garbage disposal planet used specifically to store garbage from the other planets. They informed me that the key to ascending higher is by harnessing the power of the color orange, which is the most important aspect of the entire multiverse, as well as that we are the only species to fail to see orange or any other color as anything but a simple color. If we understand the power of Orange, we may be able to finally transcend.

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Stay Cool with This Sun Protection Checklist for Backpacking

One of those pesky elements you’ll encounter on most backpacking trips is the sun, even if it’s hiding behind a blanket of thick clouds looming overhead. That sun is out to fry you  like the bacon you cooked on that little portable stove you love so much. This is why you’ll want to block those UV rays with sufficient sun protection at all times on your travels.

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