The SEVENTY2 Backpacking Survival System

There are few things in this world that a backpacker will need more than the SEVENTY2 backpacking survival pack. One item I can think of is a hammock, which can serve as your best friend, lover, and companion on those long journeys, and the other is a magic pen that turns into a guard dog, which I discuss more in-depth in my ultimate backpacking supply checklist.

If you don’t believe me just yet, consider that publications such as TIME, HuffPost, Field and Stream, Outside Magazine, and many other rags have given the SEVENTY2 Survival System plenty of acclamations. The guys behind the survival kit also managed to raise a cool $200,000 from Shark Tank.

The SEVENTY2 Survival System was co-designed by Uncharted Supply Co., with input from some badasses in the special forces, along with a bunch of equally badass first responders, mountain guides, and medical professionals. These are people who likely know how to survive a plethora of potential situations during backpacking journeys large or small.

The 72-Hour Survival Kit with Everything That Matters

With the SEVENTY2 in your backpacking arsenal—or mainly as the entire arsenal—you’ll have everything you need to handle a 72-hour survival situation of any type. There’s no shortage of supplies in this bag to keep you one happy and comfortable backpacker from the time you leave the house and abandon your family to the moment you’re arrested for crossing the border into Iran when you didn’t even know you did.

Here are all of the items you’ll find in the complete SEVENTY2 Survival System, whether you’re expecting your biggest threat to be a pack of vampiric rabbits that feast solely on the blood of backpackers or an unlikely seismic event that opens up an entire lake directly beneath your feet, putting you right in the middle of it.

What’s the SEVENTY2 Bag All About?

Essentially, the SEVENTY2 bag itself is a huge part of the overall package and is not to be ignored as merely a holder of all the glory to be found inside.

The bag features an external shell that’s made with 600D waterproof tarpaulin, with roll-top construction that’s perfectly airtight. The bag also includes features such as a reflective logo, two large hip pockets, a water pocket, and an emergency whistle.

And if you just want to go swimming with an empty bag for some reason, this thing is perfect for that too, it being completely waterproof and all.

man swimming with SEVENTY2 waterproof bag

“It’s just you and me out here, baby. A nice romantic getaway with my baggy bae.”

What’s Included in the Actual SEVENTY2 Survival Kit?

Now that we’ve talked about what the purpose of this thing is and the many survival experts behind it, let’s dive into exactly what you get with the SEVENTY2 Survival System apart from the bag.

Bag Insert

Bag inserts are great, but this one is particularly spectacular. This is because of the SEVENTY2 bag insert’s rip-stop nylon construction, which features separate pouches to make it easy to organize all of its organs, er, contents. It also comes with two heavy-duty polyethylene plastic panels that you can remove and use as either splints or snowshoes.

Included Survival Gear in the 72-Hour Survival System

SEVENTY2 survival kit contents

As for all of the survival stuff, here’s what’s included in the complete SEVENTY2 survival kit once you get into the bag insert:

  • Nalgene water bottle
  • Mylar thermal space blanket
  • RZ M5 air filtration mask (with one badass filter that keeps out 99.9% of all particulates)
  • 20-pc first-aid kit (not the band)
  • Goggles
  • Collapsible water pouch
  • Waterproof match case
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight CREE Q5 LED with 300 lumens
  • 100-ft paracord with a 7 strand cord
  • Shovel carrying case
  • Portable shovel/pickaxe
  • Magnesium alloy fire starter
  • Duct tape for, you know, taping something
  • Heat packs that provide up to 10 solid hours of heat
  • Chem lights that you just crack and light
  • Hand-cranked or DC-powered radio, flashlight, and phone charger
  • Survival knife and sheath that’s paracord-wrapped
  • Beanie
  • Sawyer MINI water filter
  • Squeeze water filtration bag that works with the Sawyer water filter
  • Gloves with leather palms and fingers
  • Mylar Thermal Survival Tent
  • Datrex food, which is a high-calve food supplement with a five-year shelf life
  • Water syringe used for cleaning the Sawyer water filter or flushing out wounds

Together, all of these items make the SEVENTY2 Survival System the perfect 72-hour survival kit to meet all of your emergency needs, wherever you are.

What Else is So Great About the SEVENTY2 Survival System?

In addition to all of this awesome gear, the SEVENTY2 Survival System comes is comfortable and includes detailed guides to help make sure you use it properly.

The bag is comfortable to wear at all times and doesn’t hinder any activities, with thick straps that are simple to move in.

The complete guide for the SEVENTY2 is written on the bag insert and can make it easy for you to use, regardless of how experienced or useless you are. Many industry professionals have looked closely at the SEVENTY2 backpacking survival kit to help make sure it’s truly capable of keeping you protected on your journeys.

Is There Anything Else You Can Tell Me About the SEVENTY2 Survival Kit?

I suppose so. I can tell you that in fact the SEVENTY2 survival system isn’t actually going to perform CPR or other medical procedures of any kind. I can also tell you that the SEVENTY2 pack has no agenda of any kind, as it’s an inanimate object incapable of thought or perception, so you never have to worry about it plotting against you.

One other thing I can add about this backpacking survival pack is that it will definitely never get you out of social situations, regardless of how anxiety-inducing they may be. This means that you won’t be able to use this 72-hour survival kit to fly you out of an awkward round of speed dating at any point, though I suppose you could ignite a flare and terrify everyone in the room, thus providing a distraction that makes that woman sitting across from you forget that you’re incapable of talking about anything other than backpacking.

Learn More About the SEVENTY2 Backpacking Survival System from Uncharted Supply Co.

Want to see this 72-hour survival kit in action along with some cool dudes talking about and using it? Check out Uncharted Supply Co.’s video below and you’ll be able to see that this thing is worth getting, even if you think all of my words about it here have been stupid. So, just ignore my stupid words and watch the video if you think I’m full of hot air and non-survivalist nonsense.

Still Don’t Trust the SEVENTY2 Survival Kit?

If you just finished watching that video up there showcasing everything that’s amazing about the SEVENTY2 backpacking survival system, I’m afraid I can’t help convince you that it’s worth getting. In fact, I’m pretty sure at this point I can label you as hopeless. Well, maybe not hopeless, but certainly bordering on it. I don’t know how you could sit through that video and not suddenly be eager to jump off cliffs and swim in the rapids or go running in the desert lighting flares with the SEVENTY2 survival gear kit.

However, if you change your mind at any point, and decide that this backpacking kit is worth the purchase, you can always grab it either from the link at the top of this page or on their site directly. Here, I’ll just provide you with another link to the SEVENTY2 Survival Pack on Amazon to help you avoid that painful scrolling. Why not?

3 thoughts on “The SEVENTY2 Backpacking Survival System

  1. The Seventy2 survival kit comes all goopy? I have systematic depression stored for future suntan. It doesn’t work but gear foam forks up the waters. Awesome. Go jumping Clydesdale for loopholes in loopy lotion. Lollipop combinations. 🙂


  2. I actually took your advice here and got one of these Seventy2 survival systems for my trips. It’s actually a great kit and it’s helped me out on my travels a ton. Definitely worth the price. I’ve never been in a life or death situation, but I bet this thing would probably be able to get me out of every jam.


  3. I thought the Seventy2 backpacking survival kit would feed my family for a week. I was wrong. I wish somebody told me you’re not supposed to eat this stuff, even though it looks delicious. It’s no fun to get emergency surgery once you discover that, instead of a scrumptious stick of sweetness, you’ve consumed a magnesium alloy fire starter. No fun at all.


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