The Ultimate Backpacking Supply Guide

If you’re planning on backpacking anytime in the near future, whether in your own backyard from the house to the tree with dog urine all over it or across the globe three times until you go insane, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind and supplies you need to get to stay prepared. From backpacking backpacks to ample food supplies, there are many different types of things you’ll require before you set off on that journey to the center of the Earth, which I don’t recommend doing because it’s really hot down there and you’ll likely die before you even get through the Earth’s crust, but I digress.

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4 Great Pieces of Backpacking Gear for Your Next Trip

Backpacking can require a lot of different types of gear to make your trip the optimum experience. When you’re out in the wilderness with nothing but the bare necessities and your sanity (or insanity), you may want some of the luxuries of first-world civilization with you on your trip as well.

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